Tips on Purchasing a Tanning Bed

Most online US sites do not ship tanning equipment to Canada. For those that do, beware of Health Canada and customs requirements for duty and brokerage charges.

Stand up units take up less floor space compared to laydown tanning beds but; require a higher ceiling than what is normally available in most homes. Always measure your ceiling height before purchasing the equipment.

Look for an all UV aluminum alloy reflector behind the lamps in order to maximize both the output of the lamps and the tanning results.

Most tanning beds require that they be connected to a 20 amp circuit and non-standard wiring resulting in costly electrical work. The SunBeam-16 & Sunbeam-20 are designed to operate on a standard 110v~15amp household circuit.

Look for a side console for easier timer control and side cooling fans as most beds do not offer this feature.

Double check that the tanning bed is equipped with only standard size F-71 medium bi-pin professional sun lamps, same as those used in professional tanning salons. This ensures a longer lamp life while allowing you a wider variety of replacement lamps at a better price once the time comes for them to be replaced. Do not be handcuffed with an inferior, non standard lamp type.

All professional salon equipment use 3/16 inch thick US made non degrading cast acrylic sheets for a longer usable life, full UV(UVB + UVA) transmission as well as safety for the tanner. All SunBeam beds utilize only North American manufactured thicker professional grade cast acrylics=Not extruded, lower cost acrylics.

Verify that the company has enough stock to ship with all Canadian shipping standards for your protection as well as a stock parts program that can quickly ship replacement parts.

Choose a bed that is made with an all metal chassis & all metal body panels. This offers a longer equipment life, better grounding and electromagnetic radiation shielding. Other vendors equip their beds with thin moulded plastics shells which become brittle and degraded in as little as one year and offer absolutely NO shielding from EMFs. (Electromagnetic Field)

Verify that the tanning equipment is in compliance according to the Canadian electrical code (CSA) and Health Canada regulations.

When considering purchasing a used bed; keep in mind that most used tanning equipment require that the lamps, reflectors, acrylics and starters need to be replaced. Used up reflectors will deliver little ultraviolet while most acrylics after 700 hrs will deliver no UVB (required for Vitamin D). As per regulation, all commercial tanning equipment is required to have their electrical components and wiring inspected every 5 years or 5000 hours for cyclic heat and/or UV damage. All commercial tanning equipment that has not been recertified by an authorized technician poses both a health and fire hazard. Demand recertification documents before purchasing any used commercial tanning equipment.

"Made in Canada" offers you better protection down the road from warranty to quick replacement parts and technical support compared to an Asian source.