Will all the units work with 110 volts?

The SunBeam-16 and Sunbeam-20 are designed to operate on a regular 15-amp 110v household receptacle. The SunBeam-32 will require a 20 amp~220 volt dedicated circuit.

Are the beds made of plastic?

No! In order to offer you the best possible tan and most reliable tanning unit, all tanning beds are 100% metal construction.

When will my order be shipped?

The tanning beds are all stocked and only need to go through a testing & packaging phase. They are usually shipped within 1 or 2 business days and most clients receive the shipment within 5 business days.

Will I be charged brokerage/duty?

No! All our tanning beds are made in Canada. No duty, brokerage or import tax to pay.

What is the Warranty on the equipment?

The frame of the unit is 100% metal and come with a life time warranty. All electrical components are covered for 1 year. Consumable parts such as lamps and acrylic are not covered. All parts are stocked in our Canadian depots and ready to ship.

How long are the lamps good for?

All lamps installed in the tanning beds are salon quality and last about 800 hours or 3200 - 15 minute sessions.

How long can I tan for and how often?

As per Health Canada regulation, all home tanning units must be equipped with an exposure schedule. To prevent overexposure, we recommend you follow the schedule.

How wide are the tanning beds?

All beds offer a tanning surface of 35 inches wide. The length of the beds is 90 inches to accommodate tanners of all sizes. 83 inch beds are also available for those with limited space.

How do I maintain the bed?

Our tanning beds are designed and built to be as trouble free and maintenance free as possible. We recommend that the acrylics are removed periodically to be wiped clean and that the lamps are wiped down to remove any dust build-up.

For more information call 1-866-622-7803 or visit our page on Tips in selection a tanning bed.